Zhou Pei Lin

And I find it kinda funny

I find it kinda sad

The dreams in which I'm dying

Are the best I've ever had

Yin Yang

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Hung out with Kat on Wednesday because hanging out at the bar in the Flying Pie just didn't cut it for me that day. I'm pretty sure I upset Victoria, but hey, sometimes you just need to get out. Kat and I didn't exactly do much; she picked me up at the Flying Pie, and we had a delicious chicken and ranch wrap at Sidelines Sports Bar Inc in Meridian, where her younger brother Steve works. He's a damn good cook I'll tell you that.

After that, we hung out at Steve's house playing Rockband with his two young (rather mischievous) children, who were really sweet when calmed down. Lucas, the younger one, even gave me an Oreo-crumbed kiss on my cheek. We left when a couple of Mormon "spreadtheword-ers" arrived, at which point we went back to Kat's apartment and began preparing for dinner for ourselves, Bran and Karl.

While we were preparing dinner, Karl was playing some weird "Asian Inspired" game on the X360 with Bran. I don't even recall the title, but any game that pronounces "Cao Cao" as "COW COW" I will resent. It's a language/culture thing and even though my Mandarin is not strong, it's still my Mother tongue.

Unfortunately, Karl got the PINK controller.

After dinner, Karl and I went home because Double-N was to meet us there to hangs out and maybe plays some Warcraft 3. That's what we ended up doing, all the way until 2 in the morning, even though both Double-N and Karl had to work the next day. However, I didn't really want to step into the kitchen, because I found this sitting on the counter:

It had been sitting there for many days now.
It smells AWFUL.

That aside; I hung out at the pie once again while Karl was covering someone's supervising shift. It was hilarious; he hadn't been supervisor in a while, but I imagine he's better at driving and following directions than he is about leading a team of people (even though he can), somewhat like myself. But it was really funny. I finally managed to take a few pictures of the boys' bathroom too.

I can has hat? Is hat here?

Will this work...? Aww, I don't think so.

Gahn-GAHN! I has hat! Doesn't I look AWESOME?!
The "gahn-GAHN" thing we picked up from GODANNAR..

Captain J. Sparrow stares at you while you pee.

Ye Olde Diaper Deck! (baby changing station)


Well anyway; Remember how I mentioned Kyle's birthday was several weeks ago and I baked him a huge cake? Well, Em's birthday is this Tuesday, but we celebrated it on Friday, when we would usually gather at Kyle's for anime and Warcraft. This time, I made reservations at Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant, according to Amanda's suggestion. We had dinner and fun, even singing "Still Alive" in unison! (lyrics are in the side bar) Amanda was there, Jessie and Arthur, Kyle and Em, Double-N and Justin, Jason, Karl and myself, and two people I hadn't met previously, Zach and Angelo.

That aside, I spent the whole afternoon at the Kathmanns learning how to decorate a cake. Of course, I had to make a difficult cake to decorate. Sadly, it started falling apart when we brought it out to Kyle's, but before it died slowly, I managed to catch a picture of it.

Katie says it looks like piñata boobs.
But it does look like a Katamari, right? :D

That was my first attempt at decorating, EVER. I'm just glad it turned out okay. One more thing about the cake though; I had asked Em what she wanted as the filling, because I knew she had specific tastes. "No chocolate. Surprise me." was what she said, and even Amanda said that she had probably bitten off more than she could chew, especially when it comes to the Kathmanns. Either way, I had icing in the middle layer of the cake of course, but I also stashed many, MANY gummiworms in there. Bright orange, yellow, red and green. I was laughing when the guys found out what was in the cake.

And again, the cake sits in Kyle's freezer. ;)

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Friday, January 25, 2008

There's something about snow that I just cannot describe. It's cold, gloomy, and rather depressing, but depression aside, it's also very peaceful. Where in Singapore it only rains and it's just cold and gloomy, the way snow falls is just so beautiful. However, growing up in Singapore and watching American TV, I didn't understand why it could be so sunny outside, yet people are bundled up in layers of coats, scarves and hats.

Now I understand why, and I never leave the apartment without at least three or four layers of clothing. I probably need to buy some thermal underwear, but I guess that's a little late decision, considering I'm coming home on the 11th of February (and landing on the 13th, how nice).

Until today though, I never really understood why some writers describe walking on snow with "snow crunching beneath my feet". Mal and Jess came home dusted with snow, telling me and Ry (who was watching Planet Terror, one of the best movies I've seen) that there's practically four inches of snow right now, outside. I hadn't left the apartment at all today, so I didn't know, though from my vantage point from the table where my laptop sits, I can see if it has melted away or not. I just wasn't paying attention. Where I saw patches of brown roof on the apartment building diagonally opposite us, it was now all covered in brilliant white.

After Jess and Mal had retired to their room, I put on my jeans and bundled myself up warmly in several layers of clothing and strapped on my snow boots and exited the apartment for a while. First stop, the lake. I just had to. It's so beautifully blue in the summer, and so stark white in the winter. Apparently, the lake had frozen over, and Mal had walked out 20ft on it. I didn't quite do the same, though. I walked out to the jetty and cautiously stepped on the ice.

Nothing says "CRUNCH" like cracking ice. Okay, it was more like "CRAAAACK", but I was being careful, and stumbled back onto the jetty. Fun times. My Djarum Vanilla tasted just like coffee in the cold air. Speaking of which, it's actually hard to breathe cold air. I've been told that it would be, I just didn't know how bad it could be. If I breathed at you, I'd probably look like an Ice-Dragon. Like Onyxia only... icy.

Winter, the one season where people who don't smoke can pretend that they are.

I took this video of falling snow a few weeks ago, when the apartment management had salted the roads, so the snow doesn't stay on it. I nearly slipped on slick ice on the road though, always had to grab a hold of Karl while we're walking. Funny thing though, my clogs work better on ice than my snow boots do. Though my snow boots are the warmest things ever on my feet.

You can see the snow better when I'm pointing the camera at the road.

Here are pictures I've taken of snow so far.

Don't they look like little cupcakes?

Walking to the Flying Pie from the apartment complex is easy.
To navigate I mean, not to breathe.

This was before the lake got frozen over.

Frozen and Neglected.

As I trudged through the snow...

I approached a bridge.
Just over that bridge...

... lay a road paved with silver.

And I arrived at my destination victorious.
Also, I actually had a Venti Toffee-Nut Frappucino from Starbucks
sitting in my pocket.

On a separate, more personal note; I have just recovered from the worst period of my life. And I thought periods like that were only brought upon you when you stop using the pills that were supposed to regulate it in the first place. Pain and suffering are understatements to what I've experienced.

Ta-DAH, I've finally posted about snow.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can now tell the whole world that I have had a "Cheese Pie".

For those who are not in the know, cussing and/or using various dialects to name and/or describe various male and female genitalia are usually strictly disallowed and discouraged at home, in public, in schools, and even in the workplace. Because of such strict rules, we being children and older children come up with various creative ways to disguise our profane use of words.

The phrase "lanjiao" that means cock or dick or penis (you get the picture) is changed into lesser obvious terms, such as Eljay, or LJ (irony? maybe) and so forth. The phrase "cheebye" that means cunt or pussy or vagina (you get the picture too, right?) is also changed into lesser obvious terms, such as cheese-pie (personally, I use "chicken nehneh"). These adjusted phrases are less likely to get the user into trouble. I used to have a ball of crushed A4 paper thrown at my head at work whenever I cussed, but since I switched to "chicken nehneh", no longer do I suffer from being a victim of tree-wastage!

It was just recently that I had the pleasure of experiencing a Pennsylvania Dutch dessert known as a cheese pie. It was very similar to a cheesecake, but it was lighter, fluffier, and definitely much more tasty than a cheesecake. However, I did not know about dessert until halfway through dinner, when Katie announced we were going to have cheese pie. I snorted into my spaghetti and looked to Karl who looked at me in bewilderment before understanding why I was giggling. I just patted him on the back and said, "You're going to be eating cheese pie tonight, honey." Of course later on, we told the other three Kathmanns what was on our mind. We had a good laugh, all while eating cheese pie.

It's going to be my turn to make a cheese pie soon, as Kreg had graciously covered one of Karl's shifts so we could have the evening off for John's birthday. When asked how we could repay him, he requested for a cheesecake, which I do not have the equipment for. Big mixers, food processors, the tiny apartment doesn't have it (though the roommates have several "speciality" machines like I mentioned before). I threw the idea of a cheese pie at him yesterday before Karl and I left to the Kathmann house for the Packers/Giants game, and he was now confused and intrigued, but agreeable.

Wish me luck. I mean, I can cook and everything (according to Karl, he would never have married a woman who couldn't cook) but the only pie I know how to make is a shepherd's pie (I'd say I'm an expert on that now), and have never made any other kinds of pie, even though Ry says I should, even listing the flavors of pie he likes.

This is going to be my virgin attempt.

Again, wish me luck!

On a separate note, CONGRATULATIONS WEIYI AND XIAOXI ON YOUR (Singapore) WEDDING! I know it's this Saturday, but still. Hahaha, waaaay too happy for you both. Especially since I think you planned it so I couldn't attend. Pfft. :D

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kat, Bran's wife called me yesterday afternoon and in a thoroughly infectious excited voice, told me that Bran had gotten her a Cthulhu plushie. And that Bran and her were gonna drop by for a bit before heading out to her mom's for dinner. I mentioned that they were coming over to Mal, and he looked kinda sad. Almost as though he was disappointed that they didn't contact him instead. In all actuality, Bran did call Mal. Twice. Just that Mal left his phone in his car.

Either way, Mal left to go pick Jess up from work, and Bran and Kat arrived. One by one they walked through the door. Bran and Kat, and several minutes later while Kat and I were gushing over the cuteness that are her Cthulhu doll and my Moogle doll and Kyo cushion, Ry strides in just as Bran and I were mentioning him. Then Mal and Jess returned. This was the conversation that ensued.

B: Dude, I tried to call you man! Like TWICE!
M: I left my phone in my c--
J: He NEVER picks up the phone. *waves hand dismissively*
M: I left my phone in the fucking car, okay?!

Kat and I just exchanged looks and kept playing with the plushies. Bran was trying to help me beat Warcraft 3 on my laptop, while Karl surfed YouTube on the Wii Internet browser, picking out funny videos, such as THIS ONE and showing it to the whole party. Of course, Jess was either in her room or moping in the corner away from everyone, occasionally glaring at us. Even Ry joined in the loud and boisterous conversation(s).

Karl and I then got dressed to go to Riverdance with his parents, and at about the same time, Bran and Kat had to leave for her mom's, so the four of us exited the apartment together. Sometimes I feel as though Jess thinks we're stealing her husband from her, when in actual fact, she hardly keeps him out of her iron grip. I mean, I let Karl go have his fun with the guys whenever he desires, unless there's something important. I don't think Jess can grasp the concept of freedom.

Anyway, like I mentioned in the previous entry, I was in for a surprise when Karl and I got home from the Riverdance performance last night. We had left the house in relatively okay condition. The dishes weren't done, the kitchen was left in a mess, my laptop was left idling on the card table in the living room.

When we returned, the dishes weren't done, not because they weren't in the dishwasher. They were, but the door wasn't latched properly and so didn't start. Freshly soiled dishes scattered the kitchen as well, two large pots caked in a thick chocolate and oatmeal mixture. My first thought, "no-bake cookies". And I was right. However, they were resting on the card table where my laptop was sitting before we left. My laptop was sitting on the khaki beanbag, just the kind of surface I'm not supposed to put it on.

Also, there was a spanking new machine sitting on one of the counters. It's one of those hotdog grillers where the rollers keep the hotdogs rotating and cooked evenly, like the kind we see in gas station mini-marts rolling hotdogs or taquitos. How on EARTH can they buy another machine, when they're already more than half a month behind on the rent?! Nevermind that it was still plugged in, there was a sticker on the lid that said, "REMOVE BEFORE USE".

I was furious. To calm myself down I decided to do the dishes. All the dishes. I closed the dishwasher properly and started the hot water for the dishes in the sink (and the stove as it were). Karl helped me out by drying the dishes I had cleaned, and transferred one of the half-eaten cakes into the pan of another half-eaten cake before he skittered off to play Kingdom of Loathing when I was done washing the dishes. I then started on cleaning the stove, like I usually do after doing dishes.

When the stove was clean, I decided then to clean the counters. All the counters. I moved all the stuff that were on the counters before, cleaned them, and replaced some of the stuff, placing the rest that were unused back into the pantry, such as a coffee maker, a blender, a "Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine" and the accursed hotdog griller. Seriously, I honestly just do what my mom does. Grill with an actual grill, and cook hotdogs in boiling water. Why would you need speciality machines?!

After the counters, I cleaned the cabinets. I was one cabinet door done when Karl told me he was going to bed. He gave me a kiss and a hug and told me not to stay up too late before he went to bed. He had to prep in the morning so I understood. I just kept cleaning. Every single counter, I sprayed and wiped down with Lysol. Every cabinet door and handle, I did the same. I even cleaned the fridge door handles. After that, I just kept going. I hand-wiped the entire kitchen floor with Lysol, since Jess decided to destroy our mop.

When I was done, three hours had passed and I was feeling a sense of satisfaction. I removed the dishes from the dishwasher and put them back in their respective cabinets. However, I was afraid someone would walk into the kitchen with their shoes on like they usually do. Ry usually walks around the apartment in his socks, but Jess doesn't. She wears her sneakers everywhere. So I made a sign from a grocery bag (Winco!) and propped it up on a chair just at the entryway to the kitchen.

If you can't see what's written in small print, it says:
"...or I will kill you. :) No dice! Have a GREAT DAY at work now!"

After I had arranged everything, I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, I gave Emily a call to see what she was doing, and she had just gotten her employment package and was going to spend the afternoon figuring it out. She starts her new job tomorrow, yay! So I told her to drop by for dinner. I peered around the kitchen, and everything was the way it was as I had left it, except for the sign which was moved to the side a little.

To reward myself for my hard work, I made myself a steak, complete with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies! It tasted good. I had to keep my timing though, I wanted my steak medium rare, but it turned out to be more medium than anything, but that was all right with me. I was happy with my steak.

I don't need a speciality machine to make my own food.

Played Tower Defense for a while, and started prepping to cook dinner at about 4pm. Cut up the onions, carrots, potatoes and pork. The difference between me and Jess is that she uses everything and then leaves it all behind. I will cook, and as it cooks, I will clean. That way I can reuse the same bowl, like I did for the foam that started rising as I boiled the ingredients for the Japanese curry I was making.

Karl came home, and gave me a kiss before taking a shower, then playing Super Paper Mario, attempting the 100 Sammer Guys. Ry came home, then Jess walked through the door. She glared at me through the opening in the kitchen wall, then stalked into her room. She later emerged, and rummaged around the kitchen while I was stirring my stew, gathering all her tupperware and stowing it away, throwing away the half-eaten cakes and the truffles she had "spent six hours preparing". I couldn't stand her presence in the kitchen with me, but I just stirred my stew anyway.

While Karl was preparing the rice for the curry, Jess stalked back into the kitchen and made mac&cheese and some hotdogs. Of course, leaving the hotdog grilling machine plugged in, complete with its sticker, its colors dolefully looking up at its user. I haven't seen her emerge from there yet. I don't want to be the one clearing her dishes either way.

Karl, Emily and I then sat down to dinner and watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights. We had a good laugh, pointed out which references were from where and just enjoyed the company. When Karl later assembled his Magic deck and left for his weekly game (why should I follow? I'm not like Jess) Emily and I just hung out and chatted. Good fun.

After Emily left, I started playing Tower Defense again, when Karl came home with Mal. Apparently Marshall and Karl decided to play Magic at AAG instead of at Sam's, where they usually gather every week. Mal kicked their butts though, good on him! I'm actually just glad to see him smile. He hardly ever does anymore, and it makes us all quite sad.

Wait, wasn't I supposed to post about snow?

I'll do that later.

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I just realized I haven't had the chance to write about Christmas! Christmas was definitely awesome. All we did was chat, eat, sleep and play games. The most relaxing time I've had ever since we discovered that our application was misplaced.


We started off the Christmas festivities by gathering at Amanda's, where we sat around, watched My Neighbour Totoro, and played Munchkin Cthulhu. Favorite cards have to be O R'lyeh? and Ia R'lyeh! and the Chibithulhu cards. I also like the fact that Kyle's O R'lyeh? card was challenged immediately by Jessie's (not roommate Jess) Ia R'lyeh! card. Fun times! I was gushing over the Chibithulhu one. After that, we reconvened at Kyle's (just a few apartment buildings in the same complex away) and played more games!

It was also snowing prettily there... Arthur, Jessie's husband (not the roommates!) managed to hit me with a few snowballs and a huge swipe of powder. I kicked some snow at him too. Hah!

Kire desu-ne!

On Christmas eve, Karl and I headed out to his parents' house in Eagle, where we were to help put the finishing touches we had done the day before to the Christmas tree. The roads were slick and icy, so we stayed over for the night, instead of having to drive out on Christmas Day. Matt stayed over as well, and the boys played Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii until about 4 in the morning.

Here are the Kathmann Seniors putting the finishing touches to the tree.

Look at that mountain of presents!
They all went under the tree after we were done decorating.

Just goes to show how popular the Kathmanns are eh? :P

Katie: "Don't forget to say the magic word: PUSSY!"
No dice, that's what she really said before the shutters clicked.

Isn't it GORGEOUS? All the ornaments are SUPER old.
Like heirlooms of sorts!

Christmas mess!

John Kathmann and his new lawn ornament (from Matt!)

Karl and his PH4T L3WTZ! :D
He tore that new pair of jeans at work a few days later. *sadness*

My very own little Christmas ornament :)

Our Christmas haul: (Mine and combined gifts)
Super warm pale green fuzzy blanket of gargantuan proportions (Katie)
Red soft and fuzzy bed socks (Katie)
Red not-so-fuzzy socks with snowflake non-skid pads (Katie)
Hallmark Christmas ornament (Katie)
White dressing robe (Kathmanns)
Leather coin purse (Matt)
Stir-fry wok (Kathmanns)
-> +3 Utensils of Cooking
Body pillow (Katie)
Ratatouille Remy toy and gift bag (Jherod)
Super Mario Galaxy (Ry)
Wii Classic Controller (Jessie&Arthurt)
Coffee table book on Chinglish (Jessie&Arthur)
Giant book of insults (Amanda)
Coffee table book Zen of Zombie (Amanda)
Handmade Weighted Companion Cube Christmas ornament (Emily)

... aaaand... RIVERDANCE TICKETS!!

Karl and I went to watch Riverdance last night with the Kathmann Seniors. It is totally awesome! So awesome that I got a programme, a t-shirt and even a fridge magnet for my mother. Go consumer whore that is me! What we see on TV is NOTHING compared to the real thing, I SWEAR. Other than the disabled (okay, he was retarded) child sitting behind us and blowing raspberries the whole time, it was GREAT.

Sadly, when we got home, I was in for a surprise. More on that later.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So I promised I'd write about the roommates.

(that was some huge sandwich, Perlin)

Anyway, Karl and I have been eating out a lot due to the mess that the roommates (a.k.a. The Wookies) leave behind in the kitchen. The guy, Mal, isn't so bad. In fact, we all like him. He's socialble, funny, and of course, like the rest of us (save one) is a gamer. His 19 year-old fresh-outta-high-school wife Jess, we ALL hate. Maybe some of us don't hate her, but I do. And I find it hard to hate people in the first place... but she just has that power.

And by all of us, I mean Mal's best friend and his wife, most of the gamers from the (traditional, board, table-top stuff) game store Mal works at, Ry, our "happy-go-angry" roommate, Karl and myself. That would add up to quite a few people. Even the guy that steals bacon and the guy that has greasy hair don't like her.

Okay, that aside. Like I was saying, Mal isn't so bad. He's actually the one that lifts a finger or more to clean up the mess his wife leaves behind. Not as often as he probably should, but with the hours he works, often enough. His wife just comes home from work at 4pm, and promptly goes into their bedroom and usually doesn't emerge until much, MUCH later. Every Monday and Tuesday, which are Mal's off-days, he's always the one that does the laundry and sometimes, the dishes. Jess just mopes around in the room on her off-days.

Sometimes, I feel like she thinks that Mal's her dog, and it saddens me. Not just me, all of us. Of course, the rest of them don't have to live with her, so they don't know half the shit I've seen happen between them.

J: I thought I told you to buy milk on your way home.
M: *talking to bacondude who came over* Huh? Oops.
J: Nevermind, don't worry about it. *lets out huge sigh*
M: *grabs jacket*
J: I said NO. Sit down. *glares at Mal*

WHY DID HE MARRY HER?! I honestly hope, and I know I'm not the only one, that they divorce. The sooner the better. I know she doesn't like me, and I don't honestly care, because I don't like her either. I was watching Pirates of The Caribbean (forgot which) with Mal on the far end of the couch and me on the other, and then Jess just comes and sits between us saying, "Now I'm going to separate you two." .... what? If Karl weren't living with them, I'd have confronted her already. She may be big, size and height-wise, but I have a feeling she's as soft and as easily bruised as a tomato.

ANYWAY. I have photographic proof of the mess(es) they make.

Last week. I caved in and did those dishes.

Just a couple of days back.
Also, WHY did she bake TWO more cakes when they haven't even finished the FIRST one?!

A closer look at the "Lake of Death".

That butter has been out for FOUR days now. Notice the cakes?
Uh-huh. She said they sunk because "there was too much batter in the pans".
Actually, it's because she doesn't know how to mix the damn eggs.

Yesterday. Notice the pink cake? That was the first cake.
I don't know about you, but I don't like creamed cough syrup on my chocolate dessert.

A closer look at the mess.
No lake this time, therefore not as much rancid stench.

Nothing beats clean clothes. However, that pile of clothing has been on the dryer for more than a week now.
Also, someone has been picking clothes out of the pile instead of putting the whole thing away.

The entryway just beyond the door to their bedroom. *shudder*

Notice the pint glasses? Those are Karl's.
And they've probably been in there for a month.

I once found a bowl of half-eaten mac and cheese, encrusted with black mold.
In their bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom...

Yeah, these are people Karl and I have to live with.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

. // Update on snow, coming up next!

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To whoever you are, wherever you are, I love you. I probably don't know you yet, but when I do, I'll know, and so will you. And you'll love me for who I am, as will I.

You might be living in my neighbourhood, or some other town or country far away. I don't know. And neither do you, at this point.

Wherever you are, I know I'll find you... if you don't find me first.

It's just a matter of time.

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